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Tomorrowland Sound and Vision

You hardly ever hear the story about the mother that would come into your room at 7am on a Sunday morning, pull the curtains open, rip the blankets off your bed and yell, “Get up you lazy bastard and make something of yourself, like film production.” Maybe in the Scorsese household (but that would even be debatable) considering, in his formative years, he worked in a cake store and bicycle repair shop.

So as unlikely as this seems, Tomorrowland Sound and Vision has ended up being just that, a reimbursement for unrealistic and overly aggressive parenting techniques. A haven, if you will, for people who, when warned of apocalyptic catastrophe without a sensible degree in business accruement and statistics or a masters in Contributed Applied Accounting (we pay someone else to do that stuff), kicked against the pricks and tried to find something better to do with their time. Result? A rag tag bunch of wide-eyed and unexplainably enthusiastic drifters who seem effortlessly and vastly capable at editing, production, post-production and motion graphics are now working at Tomorrowland. Where the skills are deep and varied as is the vinyl record collection (of course, most of these “drifters” have their masters and bachelor degrees in many of those skills but, just for the authenticity and street cred of this little blurb, it would be uncool to mention it considering this whole rant is based on the stupid idea that university is uncool and your parents were wrong – which on many things, they weren’t).

But we are getting off track. While it’s something good to be safe; with the advent of online content demands, the on-going and ever expanding TV broadcast production, the quality of motion graphics accelerating, the explosion of digital platforms and the importance of knowledge and skill across all of these areas, to the parents of yesteryear; who’s laughing now?


  • Creative Services
  • TV and Cinema Short Form Commercial Production
  • TV Long Form Production (Drama, Documentary)
  • Post-Production (Avid, FCP, Premire)
  • Online (Da vinci Resolve)
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Graphics
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